Travel Notes: Arriving in HKG!

It’s 17:15 local time in Hong Kong on Monday night (April 18). We landed and the plane emptied surprisingly fast. We grabbed our backpacks and hauled through immigration where they studied our passports then stamped them and we were clear. Past the baggage claim (never checking luggage again… this was amazing simply grabbing our bag from the overhead bin and just heading off!) and to the info desk, and currency exchange. We needed to go to Hung Hom station in Kowloon asap to try and find train tickets for Thursday to Shanghai. We took a Citybus for about 40 minutes that had free wifi (hello email & facebook! We quickly learned that it had snowed during the night in Chicago (HA!) and were thankful for the mildly humid 75 degree weather here. Hung Hom was the last stop and of course we arrived less than 10 minutes after the ticket desk had closed. Nothing we could do until the next morning now. I felt like we were on Amazing Race, hoping to get our tickets before the other teams and not really sure of where we were going yet.

We decided to head to the hotel and come back first thing in the morning to try and get the tickets. The counter would open at 6:30am and we would be there!

The subway train we needed was at this station, so we went down and got fare-cards for our trip to the hotel. We took the light blue line (Hung Hom/Lo Wu line) to Sha Tin, exited the train and for some reason the hotel was not there… After a few minutes, we realized that we were 2 stops too early and hopped back on the air conditioned, clean, spacious trains and we arrived at the University stop. We spotted the hotel and walked the 3 minutes to it. We put our things down and tried to go to a restaurant at the train station but they had closed! 22:30 is too late for this location apparently. There was an herbal tea joint but it all looked pretty much like tea and we were hungry! 7-11 was pretty wimpy in the snack department too, so we were forced to order from the hotel and settle in for the night.

Bear & Ferret taking in the view