Travel Notes: The Waiting Game at ORD!

9:30am on April 17th came and off we went, attached to our big backpacks, heading down our Logan Square streets toward the Blue Line train to the airport. $4.50 and 25 minutes later, we were at ORD and spotted some self-check-in kiosks for people with no checked baggage (that’s us! Hooray!) and printed our boarding passes. Then came the security checkpoint of course. I was, of course, chosen for a full body scan! WOOHOO! [Seriously, I do not get what the big deal was (is?) about these scanners. Who cares if people can basically see an xray scan of me? My name isn’t associated with it, so I’m not really worried. I almost thanked them for the chance to be scanned, just to bug the people in line who were freaking out! Joe didn’t get to have the fun and walked through the metal detector and we grabbed our belongings (shoes first!) and headed to C-16 to plug in and top off our computers, phones, and camera batteries.

After a bit of searching and hovering, an outlet opened up and we jacked into it, waiting for basically everyone else to board the flight. I forgot to mention, we were flying stand-by, so we had to wait until all the people who had real tickets got on the plane, before we would even know if we would get on this flight! So we waited a little anxiously near the gate check-in desk… hoping but trying not to get our hopes up either. Then, suddenly, our names were called! WOOHOO! I practically flew up to the counter with our passports and fake boarding passes to get real ones with actual seat assignments on them and we got on the flight… possibly the last passengers to board, and also possibly the most excited and thankful passengers onboard We were almost at the back of the plane but we got on the first and only direct flight that day AND I even had an empty seat next to me. Lucky ducks we were we each even got a liter bottled water from the crew! Thank you, United Airlines!

Next thing we knew we were off to start our adventure in Hong Kong!