Time to Eat: Breakfast in Hong Kong

This morning we walked around a few blocks for about 10 minutes and after seeing nothing clearly open for breakfast, we stopped at a bakery where we tried a few different things. We had mochi balls (like rubbery donut holes) a not-very-sweet chocolate muffin, sweet potato bread roll thing, and some chocolate almond bread that was more bread than chocolate. Joe went for water to drink and picked ‘Bocari Sweat’ … which turns out to be more clear Gatorade than water! I picked the apple & aloe juice, which was apple juice with chunks of aloe floating in it? YUM… Sorry we didn’t take pictures of the goodies! We dined on our breakfast on the 9th floor garden at the hotel enjoying the warm morning air of Hong Kong for the last time this trip.

Next back to the Hyatt Tsim Sha Tsui and now we wait for the shuttle to leave for Sha Tin and off we’ll go for Shenzhen! When we get to Shanghai, their subway has about 15 more lines than the one here does, so… it’ll be interesting for us to be navigating it with our big backpacks to the hotel. We’re going to the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, in Jin Mao Tower, with the 50th floor lobby & rooms are up from there… YIKES!