Time to Eat: Street Food in Shanghai

Last night (it’s Sunday around 1pm now) we walked around the Bund & People’s Square with our new friends, the couch-surfing Daniel from Idaho, and Natalia, from Russia here for work.

We had some street food, tried to find a bakery to try some egg tarts, and walked for miles around Shanghai before we got to the People’s Square area in the evening..

The air was getting cooler and it sprinkled rain a bit. We tried to go watch some live jazz at Peace Hotel, but it was full so we decided to just stick around in the lounge while we waited for another guy who was going to be staying at the same place as Daniel.

Shanghai street food:


Not street food:

Fattest crickets I’ve ever seen in all these little balls hanging outside a shop in Shanghai. GROSS!! They were all chirping!

Tonight we’ll go for dinner for a ‘Shanghai Style Dinner’ whatever that means, I guess we’ll find out! We’re meeting up with some of our new friends & will be meeting some more at dinner! This is our last night in China.

First thing in the morning we’ll be on the move, heading to Osaka, Japan! We can’t wait to leave China, and we can’t wait to finally step foot in Japan!