Travel Notes: countdown to MDW – PDX

After one more day of work this week and after a few loads of laundry, we will be hopping on the Blue Line to the Loop, where we’ll change trains & take a nice journey on the Orange Line to Midway (MDW) where we plan to fly out to Portland (PDX,Oregon, not Maine) for the week. The weather so far looks like it will cooperate with us. Hopefully Joe’s brother will have some good places in mind to visit while we’re in town, since I have no idea what we’re doing there yet, except for the quick road trip we’re plotting to San Francisco over the weekend, where we can hopefully catch some sun (and sightings of the great Red Woods of California) and a trolly ride or two. I’d like to say we’re heading somewhere warm and sunny for the whole week, but it’s OK that we’re not, because Portland is allegedly like entering a whole different world… where everyone still lives like it’s the 90’s (awesome!). If you don’t know what I’m referring to, take a second and catch some a few early Portlandia episodes. We’ll be staying with Joe’s cousin for our time in Portland & at the Hyatt in San Francisco, so no couch surfing on this journey, but there will be more opportunities for that in the future…

SF question: Does anyone have any idea if Alcatraz is worth the time/money for the tour while we’re in San Fran? Any recommendations will be taken into account!