Travel Notes: Back to Japan: 5 weeks and counting… We’re moving to Japan!

In case anyone missed it, Joe & I are moving to Japan in 5 weeks. We leave at 8am on Saturday morning, stopping for 2 hours in LA, and then arriving in Tokyo the following day at about 4:30pm (1:30am Chicago time). We’ll tour around Tokyo and take in the city for 3 nights while we get fully adjusted to our new time zone (and visit a few places we missed last time), then take a train south to Nagoya (less than half way between Tokyo & Osaka. After Nagoya will come our new home of Takayama, Japan, which is located in the Gifu Prefecture (Prefectures are a little like states are in the US). If you don’t know where Takayama is (I don’t blame you), here is a geography lesson & a map. Nagoya is southwest of Tokyo, Nagano is northwest. Takayama is west of Tokyo, between Nagoya & Nagano. I’m sure that helps a lot…

Anyway, we’ll be teaching there with Let’s English for a one year contract, and we are very excited to explore Japan (and beyond) during our weekends and vacations! Before you ask, the answer is no, we don’t know Japanese and no, it’s not required to know it to be an english teacher. …but it sure would be helpful for getting around day to day.

More updates to come (and of course, photos!) in the coming weeks! You can check out our pictures from last year’s trip to Japan here & here to hold you over…

How about a quick Japanese lesson? Okay!

Morning Greeting: Ohaiyo Gozaimasu
Late morning, early afternoon greeting: Konnichi Wa
Late afternoon/evening greeting: Konban Wa
See you later (soon): Mata ne
Good-bye/ see you later (but you don’t know when): Sayonara