Travel Notes: Landed in Tokyo

We have arrived in Tokyo!

We actually landed at 5:20 last night (Sunday April 15) and were only one hour late. We had almost 40 minutes delay in Chicago with the door not closing or not opening properly, then once we landed for our 2 hour layover in LA, we had to return to the gate so a mechanic could look at a service light that came on…that’s always a good sign… and that took about an hour and then we were finally really setting off for our 11 hour & 49 minute flight to Tokyo. We flew along the California, Canadian, & Alaskan coast before crossing the ocean. Flight was smooth but we were getting impatient & wanted to get to Japan!

We easily found the airport limousine bus & got tickets for a bus that was due to depart in 15 minutes. We each had a large cart of our luggage (note to self: pack less next time!!) that we maneuvered out the door & right to the bus stop in front. 90 minutes later we were checking in & up to our room at Hyatt Regency Tokyo.

Now it is 6:33am and we have been up for about an hour. We will be going to the Studio Ghibli museum today (we had to purchase tickets in advance a month or so prior), but more on that later!