Slice of Life: Home at Last

We have finally arrived in Takayama!

We moved out of our apartment in Chicago 3 weeks ago and lived with friends for 2 weeks before flying to Japan and staying in Tokyo for 3 nights, Kani for 1 night, Mizuho for 1 night, and back to Kani for another night. Yesterday we rode for 2.5 hours along some winding roads through mountains from Kani to finally arrive at our new home in Takayama.

We first stopped & had lunch with the secretary from the school, and the franchise owner came  as well, then we met 1 of the 2 outgoing teachers back at the school. His drivers license had expired so I was asked to drive the 5 minutes to the apartment! They drive on the left here so it was a new experience! We made it back to the apartment though and no one got run over, so it was a success!

The apartment is set up a little like a townhouse, and ours is on the end. You enter and take your shoes off in the ground level entryway, then step up into the house. On the first floor we have the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, and spare bedroom and on the 2nd floor is the big living room and main bedroom. There is plenty of storage space and the kitchen is big enough for a big table.
In the afternoon we went for our first real grocery trip and picked up some food. The outgoing teachers are vegetarians and have asked us if we would please not bring meat into the house just for this week and we agreed that it wasn’t a big deal. I had my first-ever hot chocolate on Friday and my first-ever coffee on Saturday so we could give it a shot for a week!

Monday starts our week of training