Slice of Life: Typhoons & Flea Markets

Yesterday rained all day long – starting early in the morning and not ending until early this morning as Typhoon Guchol moved across Japan’s central island. We didn’t have the 78/mph winds here in Takayama as they did closer to Tokyo, but we definitely had the rain and somewhat stronger winds today than normal, but really not bad considering it was a typhoon. Some of our adult students thought the schools may close early yesterday but it turned out just to be rain. The mountains surrounding the town help keep the winds at bay. However, some trains toward Nagoya (south of us) were cancelled in the later part of the day on Tuesday. About 450 domestic & international flights were cancelled along with delays & cancellations of some trains as well.

I finally did the math here and figured out that gas is about $6.60/gallon here! I thought $4.25 in Chicago was bad! Luckily we only have to drive a small amount here (at least while the weather cooperates!), in a small car, and we ride our bikes as much as possible to work & going out as well!

Last weekend was pretty gray & rainy on Saturday, but Sunday turned out perfectly clear with some fluffy white clouds and pretty hot. We visited a flea market in town that was held in a park that once was a small ski resort (mostly for younger kids to learn). The mascot of Gifu Prefecture (Takayama is part of Gifu), Minamo, was there greeting small kids and foreigners (maybe just Amber) and posed for some pictures. We picked up a few small items and found out that people go hang-gliding and paragliding off the top of the old ski runs! I didn’t believe it until I spotted a small blue parachute floating down from that old ski run! We saw 3 more parachutes come down while we were there… maybe there are some exciting things to do in this town!

We also took a trip to the Japan equivalent of the dollar store – the 100 Yen shop (Daiyso!) and got a few little things we needed. I spotted these great animal CD cases that are printed to look like animals! Luckily in case you don’t know what animal they are, they have labeled them for you. There is a Panda, a Bear, and a “Flog”… someone might want to check their language skills before producing anything else with english words on them.