Travel Notes: Kanazawa Plans

We are planning to leave Takayama around 8am on Monday morning to head for Kanazawa. We can get there in 2 hours if we take the highway, or 3 hours if we take a slightly longer route that will probably be more scenic… we are thinking that we may take the longer route there and maybe the shorter route home. We’re only planning to go for 1 night since we couldn’t find anyone to host us in Kanazawa or Toyama and we are too cheap to spend much money on a hotel – we would rather save for some other trips coming up in the next few months!

I think we have a good list of things to do/see once we arrive, including:

Myoryuji Ninja Temple (hopefully we can get on a tour tomorrow or Tuesday – we have to book by phone in Japanese, so as soon as we arrive at the hotel, I will ask them to book for us) – this super old temple has all kinds of secret rooms, trap doors, etc. for sneaking around like a ninja… sounds pretty awesome!

Kenrokuen Garden/ Park – all my adult students told me to go here, apparently it’s a super nicely landscaped garden, that also shares the grass with the Kanazawa Castle, which is also on the list, at least to see outside (we did a tour of Osaka castle before, and I think we might rather see some other things here instead).

Gyokusen Gardens & Tea house – maybe have some afternoon tea & cakes in a traditional tea house? could be cool.

Omicho Market – traditional fish market – that opens super early but lucky for us goes until about 5pm…

and as embarrassed as I am, I have to admit I am excited to visit a Starbucks – I love chocolate java chip frappachino’s!