Travel Notes: Utsue 48 Waterfalls

20120721-103600.jpg 20120721-103622.jpg 20120721-103614.jpg

After 2 days back in Takayama and super hot & humid days, it finally cooled down a little, and we had a couchsurfer (from Chicago!) here to stay for 3 nights so we decided that we would find a waterfall in the area – I had read about 3 different ones within 30 minutes of home. So I picked the one that I could map easiest, and we set out to find Utsue Forty-Eight Waterfalls.

After driving about 20 minutes we found the place and parked, and set off up the path. This particular mountain hike brought us to several small waterfalls along the way up the mountain. We ha just reached the top when a few drops of water began hitting us. So we stuck our cameras and phones in plastic bags and tied them up and started the walk back down when the downpour hit! I’m calling this rainstorm the 49th waterfall because by the time we got back to the car we were completely soaked through! We were lucky to have brought plastic bags with as the thunderstorm would have quite possibly ruined our cameras and phones. We were able to take some great shots on our way up and we spotted a couple of large frogs and furry caterpillars too. Maybe next weekend we’ll visit another fall or go for a hike…in preparation for a possible future trip to Mt. Fuji! 😉

You can view some better (and bigger) photos from the little trek on Flickr