PHOTOBLOG: Kamikochi

So, every time I start to write this post about last weekend, I just don’t feel like writing… which I think means there’s not much to say! So I will just share some of my photos instead – it’s just a place better shared with photos than words.

Our school owner, Iwayama-San, his wife, me (amber!), & Joe standing on the famous Kappabashi (Kappa Bridge) at the start of the day.

2 monkeys alongside the path – can you spot them both?

Myojin Bashi (Bridge) at the halfway mark of our hike.

Late afternoon sun on the river before heading home.

We hiked the shortest of the trails that was 3km each way, and an extra 2 km after that and spent the whole day there, from about 10:15 until 5pm when we hopped the bus back to the parking lot (about a 30 minute ride). We had nice bento boxes for lunch but you can also buy lunch from a few different locations inside the park. We went on a Saturday, and it was semi-crowded – we barely got a parking space in the 2nd parking lot, and we arrived at 9:30am

Kamikochi is a huge nature mountain preserve less than 1 hour drive from Takayama. You can stay in an onsen hotel there or camp out, or do a day trip from Takayama. You cannot drive a personal vehicle into the park though, so if you want to camp, you better be prepared to cram it all in your backpack! You must take one of their buses to get in & out of the park for 2000 yen/roundtrip per person, or a taxi -3500 yen each way.

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