Slice of Life: Friendly Travelers

Monday our Italian couple arrived for 2 nights and we also had another (english-teacher) surfer from Ohio who’s living in Kobe, Japan & she stayed on a futon mattress in the living room. The Italian’s were nice enough to cook for us a late lunch of pasta & tuna sauce. Then, last night we had another (somewhat unexpectedly) full house – We had our Italian couple, of course, and then we got a last minute request from a couple of guys from Australia & New Zealand looking for a dry place to sleep. It rained a bit the past couple days, and they were cycling around Japan, camping out each night along the way, so we took them & they slept in our living room on futon mattresses after a few rounds of Uno. It was a good thing they came since we had a really heavy downpour last night/early this morning. The Italians also taught us all a typical Italian card game but I’m not sure of it’s name! Today all 4 left and we got 2 new surfers from Denmark in for the night – they will be our 9th & 10th surfers in the past 5 days! We’ve gotten a few gifts from surfers lately. Kasie, the surfer living in Kobe brought us some Japanese Gummies, and Sofia & Guilio, from Italy picked up a cool black sign with neon pink chalk marker for us, while our new surfers from Denmark brought a cute little box of treats from Denmark for us. Here’s a few pictures of the goodies we’ve gotten:

"Japanese Sweets" "Japanese Gummy Candies" "Japanese gifts" "Japanese Gummy Candy" "Japanese Sweets" "Japanese Gifts"
"Home Entrance" "Japanese House" "Welcome Entrance" "Welcome Sign" "Chalk Marker" "Couch Surfers"

"Denmark Gifts" "Couch Surfers" "Danish Candies"

In Chicago, Tuesdays were always “Taco Tuesday” for us which meant $1 taco specials at La Cocina 3 blocks away from our apartment. These days there is 1 ‘mexican’ food restaurant in town, but so far we’ve been unable to test it out since it’s always closed when we try to stop in! This week we’re going to make chicken fajitas & tacos and Kuniko will come over to eat them with us… I hope she likes them! Last weekend we had a Japanese couch surfer over and he had never seen a tortilla before, much less tried one, but I think Kuniko is a bit more well-traveled than he was. So this week, we’lll have Taco Day at our house!