Slice of Life: Local Scenery



Today was an early day – we got up at 6am (haven’t done that in over 4 months!) and drove 5 minutes to our school where Kuniko & a taxi were waiting. The taxi brought us the rest of the way to Takayama Station for our 6:45am train. We grabbed orange juices at the station and found our seats and settled in for the 2 hour train ride. We arrived and had a training session for about 2 hours along with some of the other teachers for the company from other towns. When training was finished, we headed back to the station but stopped to grab lunches from a convenience store (Circle K this time). Convenience stores in Japan have an amazing selection of good (tasty & healthier options) food available! I had a small salad with chicken and Onigiri – a ball of rice wrapped in a triangular shape with seaweed & a hunk of salmon in the middle – Oishii (tasty!).


When we arrived back in Takayama, we had about 20 minutes before Joe had to leave for his first class, so he dropped me off at home and off he went and about an hour later we both went to work until 9pm. It was quite a long day compared to our regular days!



Photo Info: (1) Sunset last night before our night run (just 2 miles), (2) Takayama Drain Covers all have this beautiful pattern on them, (3) JR line train tickets from Takayama to some station near Kani City for training earlier today, (4) Joe reading his book about Japanese history on the train ride back to Takayama. (5) the view for much of the train ride.

Oh yeah – and today is 8/22 = Our anniversary! As of today, we’ve been married for 4 years!
Since today was so long & busy, we’re going to have a nice little coffee & cake set in the morning at a coffee shop in town, and this weekend we will go out for dinner and maybe catch fireworks in Maze – about 45 minutes south of us.