Slice of Life: Sports Day

Does anyone remember Field Days back in grade school?

When I was in elementary schools, Field Day was the day where you didn’t have to study anything, and you would spend the whole day basically doing track & field activities – running, relay races, obstacle courses, maybe a tug-o-war, etc.

What I remember about Field Day was never actually winning anything, but always getting a ‘participation’ ribbon and a popsicle. There was no special training for it, and I think I would have rather spent that time making more paper mache dinorsaurs or (gasp!) even learning something.

Well, schools here (including high schools) have Sports Day in September. And like many things in Japan, it’s very serious. They spend a couple of class periods each day for a month or more, practicing & training for it, and it sounds like a lot more fun, with more fun activities. They have some relay races, obstacle courses, and team sports, and I’m not sure why they have to practice so much when probably about almost all students are involved in some sports… but I think it will be fun.

The sports day at my Kindy is in 2 weeks (on September 22!) and Joe & I are ‘invited’ (required?) to attend. We may have a 2nd school’s Sports Day to attend as well but we don’t know when just yet.