Slice of Life: Attempting to Bake

I haven’t baked any cupcakes or treats in the past 5 months because of a few things. 1 reason is that I have yet to see a single cupcake or muffin tray for sale anywhere. 1 other reason is that I have no oven. Almost nobody here does. I can buy one for between 29,000-150,000 yen (about $367-$1898) but they are all pretty small – even the biggest wouldn’t fit a typical 12-cupcake tray! And the cheapest ones look like microwaves… 😦 I do have a microwave oven or convection oven or something that looks like a microwave but can be used with metal trays… it’s lost on me though. I think even if I could really read the Japanese, figuring out temperatures & cook times would take forever to try and figure out.

Luckily my mom sent me an awesome package that I received on a Sunday evening a few weeks ago (yes, the Japan Post delivered my package at 5:45pm on a SUNDAY…) with my new shoes, a bunch of other goodies, some box cake mixes and a small brownie pan in the perfect size for our small appliances and materials.]
And luckily, I have wasted plenty of time on Pinterest in the past 6 months so I found a no-bake cake-batter bar recipe (here is the actual blog post I used) that I tried out this morning in time to bring to school for Kuniko and my class of mums for a taste test. I used the funfetti mix and found the powdered sugar I needed today when I biked over to the grocery store. It was pretty good – almost like a sweet candy bread. It’s best to keep it chilled though

Also, I finally did it. I bought a cupcake machine. Or as they call it, ‘Cup Cooker’… basically it looks like a giant cupcake and bakes cupcakes in about 10 minutes (6 cupcakes at a time). So far so good, but making a good working recipe from scratch is difficult. So far the best option has been pancake mix with a little extra sugar – we’re still working on it though!

“Cup Cooker” cupcake machine:
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