Slice of Life: Tomatoes and Fish

My neighbor’s garden

As we were leaving for work a few weeks ago when the neighbor across the street asked us if we would like some tomatoes. Well, he said ‘tomatoes!’ and then brought some over to us. So a few days later, I made some cupcakes and brought them over to his house. He looked so excited about it! And then told us to wait a minute – when he came back to the door, he was holding a quarter of a watermelon (also from his garden), and then said it was too small and took it back, then came back again with a half a watermelon! We love watermelon but it’s SO expensive here we almost never buy it! 😀 So now I suppose I owe him more treats but my cupcakes haven’t been turning out so tasty lately!

Party time
A few weeks ago we went for dinner with the 4 moms in my ‘mums class’. One of them owns a Ryoken and her brother has an Izakaya (restaurant/bar) nearby it. We went there and the 6 of us (4 mums, Joe, & I) had a small room in the back and they ordered all kinds of foods! We couldn’t read anything on the menu and I’m sure if we could, we wouldn’t know exactly what it was that we were ordering! We had lots of fish, Japanese pizza, Squid, shrimp, egg, salad, and many other dishes!

Before cooking – the fish is presented for inspection?


When we were all preparing to leave, they told us that we were now going to do karaoke! So we walked a few blocks more to ‘Rose House’ Snack Bar. Snack bars are tiny little bars where you can have a small bite to eat, have a drink, and chat with the ‘mama’ of the shop, who is usually around 60s or so. (The mama at Rose House, was named Rose) In this case, the bar could hold about 15 people. There was no one else there that night, but on a regular night, you can go and watch other people do karaoke! Normal karaoke in Japan is korean-style, where you go with your group of friends and you all get a small room together – it’s not usually with other people that you don’t know. We were there for about an hour and we had a good time. We took turns doing English & Japanese songs before we all did a Japanese song by an old Japanese punk band called The Blue Hearts – when I say all, I mean the moms did the Japanese words, and we all did ‘Linda Linda!’ …It was pretty entertaining!