Travel Notes: Mizuho & Tanigumi

2 weeks ago we took a little drive (little meaning about 3.5 hours) towards Nagoya, to visit our friends, Will & Nicole, in Mizuho. They are also teachers with the same company and we have been emailing with them since February asking all sorts of questions before leaving for Japan, and we’ve met up a few times since getting here. We got there a little later than we hoped, but we had a good time. We did a quick peek in the shopping mall (a real mall! with stores I know of! Amazing!) and we had dinner at their apartment with one of their Japanese friends & then the next day we took a short drive to Tanigumi, and visited a little old town area with some temple paths also. They were selling many fruits and vegetables along the way, and we stopped to try some Sesame Ice Cream also. Joe enjoyed the tasty ice cream, but I thought it was nasty, so I went for some strawberry crushed ice instead! Will bought a bag of Persimmons that are now in season and we took one to sample. There were a lot of butterflies in this area and a little Koi fish pond with lily pads and a turtle! So cool! When we left on Sunday, we stopped for a Starbucks for our 3 hour ride back home. It was good to do something with actual friends for once!

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