Slice of Life: Kawaii TV Entertainment

We recently discovered a new animated show, called ‘Shirokuma Cafe’ = Polar Bear Cafe. It is super cute and not just for kids… actually I don’t think it’s really even for kids – they wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much as adults. There is almost always Japanese puns that the polar bear & penguin act out, and it’s pretty funny. We watch it with subtitles and learn some Japanese from it! It has 3 main characters, a Polar Bear, a Panda, and a Penguin and it’s SO CUTE!! (Kawaii!!) It’s pretty new (I think it came out earlier this year) so I can’t find a good youtube episode yet, but you can watch it online streaming through this website:

Just give it a minute to load & it’ll start playing. You MUST give it a chance. It’s only 20 minutes per episode (and there are really 2 separate stories in each episode) so there are no excuses not to see it! 😀 After you watch a full episode, tell me what you think!!  Here’s an ad for the show: