Travel Notes: Hida No Sato (autumn)

Today we tried to make the most of the partly sunny autumn day off by visiting a local famous tourist spot in town. It’s a small old folk village and it was pretty interesting to see these old traditional style Japanese houses. It’s only a little over a mile from our apartment so we biked over for a few hours. Plus, being residents of Takayama means we don’t need to pay the entry fee! There is a large pond with koi fish and a big mean old swan, too- he tried to eat my old sneakers! The old houses have these roofs which are made of thatched straw and smoked wood planks and they are extremely thick! There are a few demonstrations of the old traditional lifestyle going on as well in some of the old buildings. There’s a lot of paper windows/doors in the houses and some interesting stuff around the area. One thing I should have known but didn’t think about it is that when you go in most buildings, you’ll have to remove your shoes… Just like any homes in Japan!