Slice of Life: Winter is coming…

Today was one of the coldest yet. Yesterday we had a lot of rain (maybe the typhoon passing again) and today we had thick clouds and fog – all day the clouds were sitting around, looking like steam on the mountains, some looked like stretched apart cotton balls hovering over the upper half of the mountains surrounding the town. The rain held off all day but it was noticeably colder.

Lucky for us, we have a Kotatsu– a heated Japanese table! It looks like a plain ugly coffee table but has a small heater built into the center on the underside. You just switch it on & it heats up in just a minute or two. It’s best if you have a blanket over top that covers the sides to keep the heat in, but today we used it with a smaller blanket, and it works really well!

We bought kerosene on Monday for the space heaters (the main source of warmth at home) and this weekend we will probably pull them all out so they are ready for the cold! Hopefully we can hold off on using them until November but I guess we’ll have to see how the weather holds out!