Slice of Life: Karaoke Theme Rooms!

Kyo wa Suiyobi
Today is Wednesday!

Queens Court, Takayama, Japan

If you’re at all interested in what karaoke is like in Japan, their website shows you all the possible rooms at the local place here in town. In Japan, most young people go to karaoke with a group of friends and you get a room with just your friends and you can just sing and act silly and get this: the rooms all have different themes, and are decorated to match the theme! Want to see some room options? Just go to the link, click the top left button for ‘rooms’ and then click through the room numbers to see what various settings you could have your karaoke party in! It’s pretty interesting, I think!

Which one do you think is the best or most interesting!?

We haven’t been to karaoke in many months but I have a feeling we might end up there next week… but who knows!