Sunset Roadtrip Japan Kyoto
Sunset  on the way from Mizuho to Kyoto/Kobe/ Hyogo Prefecture


Kyoto Kiyomizudera Temple Roadtrip Japan
Joe & Amber outside the entrance to Kiyomizudera in Kyoto!

Kyoto city, Kiyomizudera, Japan, roadtrip Japan
Overlooking the city below!

Kiyomizudera Japan roadtrip Kyoto famous
Overlooking Kiyomizudera!

Road less traveled, Fushimi, Kyoto, road trip Japan
Fushimi, Red Torii Path Shrine

Fushimi red torii path Kyoto Road Trip Japan
Fushimi inside the path!


Tsutenkaku Tower Osaka Shinsekai Neon Lights
Tsutenkaku Tower in the neighborhood of Osaka Shinsekai in Osaka! Super awesome!

Glica Running Man Neon Lights Namba Osaka Japan Roadtrip
The famous Glica Running man Neon light sign near Namba neighborhood in Osaka Japan!


Daito near osaka Nara roadtrip Japan couchsurfing
One of the awesome drain covers in Japan – this is Daito, between Osaka & Nara, where Akira lives!

Nara Deer Roadtrip Japan
Joe feeding one of the deer that roam around Japan’s old capital city of Nara!

baby deer feeding Nara Roadtrip Japan Kawaii
Amber feeding a baby deer at Nara – he wouldn’t eat the biscuits but an old japanese man gave me some nuts that the baby deer liked a lot! 😀 So cute!!!!!!

Buddha Temple Nara Roadtrip japan
This is a massive temple/building housing the biggest Buddha statue in Japan. Nara, Japan

Nara Buddha house woodwork temple detail roadtrip Japan
Close up of some of the woodwork & underside of the building! Nara, Japan

Us with Akira who we met while couchsurfing Nara temple Roadtrip Japan
Joe, Akira, & Amber in Nara, Japan! this is the 2nd to last day of our trip before starting the return drive home!Roa