Slice of Life: Skipping Autumn

The lovely autumn weather, the leaves changing color, the smell of leaves & things burning…. it all lasted about 2  weeks at most before I woke up to this one morning about a week ago:

Takayama Snow Japan Gifu Prefecture

Yeah, that is snow! heavy, wet, sticking snow! And it kept going for about 4 hours! This was only November 15th! Holy cow!

Here is a Japanese style house near my kindergarten later that morning:

Japanese house first snow Takayama Gifu Prefecture Japan

You can’t tell from this picture, but there is a mountain just beyond this house – but the snow is so thick and there’s a bit of mountain mist, so you can’t even see it!

Today is a clear day with blue skies, and it’s relatively warm. I can see though, that the mountains just beyond our little downtown are capped in snow already, and I have a feeling it’ll only be a couple weeks before the mountains just behind our little neighborhood are capped as well. It’s going to be cold, but it should be really beautiful here in Takayama as well!