Slice of Life: Thanksgiving in Japan

The snow has subsided and fall (a chilly fall!) has returned once again, though yesterday there were a few flurries, and the mountains right here in town had a dusting of snow on them for part of the day! Check the pictures below:

Takayama Japan mountains snow dusting winter

These are the closest mountains to our house – We live down below and out of the picture slightly to the right.

Near distant mountains snow dusting snow capped Japan Takayama

A street we drive daily.

This was yesterdays view of the town, but today the sun was out and toasting us up just a little bit. I even didn’t wear my gloves/mittens for a little while (until 4:30 when the sun started to hide away again)

Last Thursday was of course Thanksgiving, and no turkey was to be found in town. I heard that if I go to Osaka, and visit Universal Studios Japan, I can eat a giant turkey leg (Taste of Chicago style, allegedly). So for our Thanksgiving, we went out to eat Yakiniku (grilled meat – mainly bird this time… Chicken!) with our receptionist, Kuniko, who surprised us after eating and asked if we wanted to go to Karaoke with her!! We accepted the invitation & off we went – we were only 3, so we got a small room there that was themed like a waterfall, really cool! Even the sofa was made to look like boulders in the waterfall. Here’s an image of the room (I didn’t take the picture – it’s from the website of the karaoke hall:
Queens Court Waterfall Room Takayama Japan

Since we were celebrating an American holiday, maybe we should have tried to rent the American themed room (again, from their website!):

Next time!

Here is a small part of our dinner:
Thanksgiving Dinner Takayama Japan Grilled Chicken on a stick!

What you see there is Chicken grilled on a stick, chicken nuggets in a batter, chicken cartilage fried & actually pretty good, edamame, & small salad. Not pictured is the squid and tempura vegetables! So this began our new tradition of eating yakiniku and then going to do karaoke afterwards for Thanksgiving! We will try to carry on the new tradition next year. Hmmmmmm, that brings me to the topic of next year…

We have decided to stay on for a 2nd year with our company, so we will remain in Japan until April 2014 at least. However, our time in Takayama will be ending, as we will be moving to another school that is just outside of Nagoya – the 3rd largest city in Japan (not counting Tokyo)! When we move, we will be only 30 minutes from downtown Nagoya by train, and just a few hours from Osaka. We have enjoyed our time in Takayama so far, and it’s a great town – I’m sure we’ll be back to visit several times! But by spring time we will be really, really itching for a larger city!