Slice of Life: Apita, $1.26 Christmas Tree, Poop Books

This weekend we visited Apita… A sort of small shopping center about 10 minutes away. Its just a big supermarket, but inside are also a few clothing stores, a Mister Donut, Coffee, & …..BASKIN ROBBINS! BR currently has a special flavor- red velvet… And its so tasty! There’s also a 100 yen shop, a small bookshop, and: US Land, which is a kids play land with arcade games, a giant panda car that you sit on and it rides around while you steer! So cute!! There’s a small paddle boat inflatable pool with 2 little boats. It’s 100 yen for 15 minutes of playtime – I think you can leave your kids there while you shop…but I wanted to take the panda car for a spin!
Well we didn’t need much, but of course we ended up with a few extra purchases… Like a Christmas tree. It was 100 yen… And is about 12 inches tall. Couldn’t pass it up! Here’s the little tree- I’m going to decorate it today!

Also, this book was on display at the bookstore… I’ll let you guess what the title is…