Arts & Crafts: Wreath Making

Today we had a fun afternoon at Oak Village here in Takayama. It’s about 20 minutes from the center of town, and a little higher up in the mountains, so there was a bit more snow still left on the ground as we got closer. Oak Village is a wood working company, that produces furniture, home accessories, toys, etc. and some architecture. (Check out this house!) They have a small cafe and a showroom/shop on site also, surrounded by nature.

So we spent a couple of hours here making wreaths from items gathered locally (acorns, walnuts, dried flowers, branches, wood, etc.) and they also had many different colored ribbons to choose from, holiday paper-punches, and stamps. We used hot glue guns to attach all the items to the wooden base of the wreath, and there were plenty of resources to make something awesome. My favorite thing was using the pyrography pen, which is this tool that you can use to burn images (or anything really) into wood. They had these flat, circular, wooden pieces that you could use to burn in your name or a design – you can see the end result in the pictures below.

After the wreaths were finished and photos were taken, they treated us all to some Yakiimo, Japanese sweet potato, baked in hot charcoal, and Kuromoji tea, made from a branch of Kuromoji tree that is supposed to make you feel relaxed.

Here are some of the supplies available for decorating :Building Wreaths Oak Village Takayama Japan

Here are the final products – the wooden circle with ‘TAKAYAMA 2012’ on it is what I was talking about with the burning tool.  And yes, those are peppers on the wreath! 😀
Our Wreaths - the final product!

Closer detail image of my wreath:
Amber's wreath - detail

The Sweet Potato – served in a bowl made of newspaper and wrapped in foil and about 3 more layers of newspapers.
Charcoal Baked Sweet Potato in Newsprint dish

The inside of the sweet potato (and the tea in the background). Both items were pretty good and very different from the things we are used to.
Inside the foil & newsprint ball

Thanks to Oak Village for the fun afternoon!