PHOTOBLOG: さくら Cherry Blossoms

In late April 2012 I first arrived in the rural, mountain town of Takayama, Japan, to find cherry blossoms just starting to bloom – later than most other places due to the elevation & cooler weather. They started to bloom within a few days of arriving, and I took it as a welcome sign from Japan.

Now a year later, in April 2013, I have just arrived to my new city, a suburb of Nagoya, to find the blossoms once again just starting to bloom. Last weekend was cherry blossom viewing time in the area (which we didn’t visit, due to moving, but I spotted them from the road).

These blossoms for me are a welcome sign from my new home, and mark a real start of spring. This is also the time that students in Japan are starting off a fresh new school year, so it’s especially a time of beginnings in this land. Spring for me always meant the end – end of the frozen winter, end of the school year just a couple months away. I could not wait for summer and those 3 months away from the classroom. In Japan, students have just a few weeks off, so they begin just as spring is in full swing.

Japanese Cherry Blossom, cherry blossom Japan, flowers in bloom
This path goes on for about a mile, all the way lined with cherry blossom trees!
Japanese Cherry Blossom, cherry blossom Japan
A recent light rain left a few puddles and the petals falling from the trees have gathered for a swim
Japanese Cherry Blossom, cherry blossom Japan
A full bloom floating in the rain puddle.
Japanese Cherry Blossom, cherry blossom Japan, Unique roofing tiles
A house nearby with brilliant blue roof tiles contrasting with its’ green garden and bright pink flower blossoms. I love this house!

How do you feel about spring? Have you ever witnessed the cherry blossoms live in Japan, or somewhere else?