Slice of Life: A Small Earthquake

I have lived in Japan for one year as of this week. I also previously lived for about 7 months in Los Angeles, right on the fault line there. But I never once felt the earth shaking under me! Today was different though…

Around 5:30 this morning, my brain had just started buzzing, when I heard a low rumbling sound and felt my bed shaking back and forth. In an instant I realized this was it- my first earthquake ever! What should I do?
Well, nothing I supposed, since there’s no real tall furniture in my bedroom; I figured I was safe.

Then i started wondering where the center was at, how strong it was, and if there was any risk of tsunami anywhere. My brain wasn’t entirely on yet, so I first asked twitter if it was an earthquake though I already knew it! Then I googled it and learned it was out of Hyogo, about 215 km south of me. It only lasted about 30 seconds, but it was so obviously an earthquake way up here, so I knew it had to be pretty strong at the center. Then I wondered if it was OK for the people there where some of my friends lived. Facebook took care of that- word on the street said that everything was OK there, don’t worry.
It was a strange feeling while the building was shaking but I wasn’t really scared. I had read enough accounts of what it was like and seen enough video of people acting calmly here in Japan that I was not scared so I followed their lead.

When I arrived to my classes today and asked my students about the earthquake, they didn’t seem much surprised or worried about it- they told me by now they are used to it by it! No big deal to them!

Have you ever experienced an earthquake? What was it like for you?