PHOTOBLOG: Easter Egg Hunt

This afternoon our school held an Easter egg hunt at a nearby park. Yes, I know Easter was a few weeks ago, but that time frame was a busy first few weeks of the new school year for most people, so this timing worked out better. Besides – no one really knew or cared that we were a few weeks off! It was fun and not too much work to prepare – just a lot of eggs to hide around the area. Here are a few pictures from the event: I have some great ones of the kids, but I’m not sure if it’s OK with their parents to share them online, so I’m sorry but you only get these! How many eggs can you find in the first picture?

Easter Eggs, Egg Hunt, Grass egg view, gifu prefecture, english school event, japan, easter japan

Turquoise egg, easter egg hunt, Easter Japan

Blue egg, easter egg hunt, Easter Japan

Purple egg, easter egg hunt, Easter Japan

white flower blossoms, japan park, gifu prefecture
Even though the cherry blossoms are gone, there are always some beautiful flowers blooming somewhere. These white blossoms were spotted overhead in the park before the hunt began.