PHOTOBLOG: Fall in Southern Illinois & STL

Last fall I found myself with several days off of work, and my best friend from high school had the same days off from her job with nothing to do, so I got a car for a few days and took a drive down to southern Illinois for a visit. We took a day trip to Saint Louis to shop around, eat and play with her dog in the park, then spent a few hours hanging out at an old school diner like we did when we were teenagers. It was a chill but fun trip.

Autumn, Southern illinois, fall colors

rusty car, abandoned car, old car

The trunk of an old rusted car

southern illinois, rusty car, abandoned car

An old rusty vehicle

shibainu, playing with a pup

Pixel loves her tennis ball


Brie & Pixel

STL sunset, Saint Louis,

Sunset over Saint Louis

Courtesy Diner, STL, 24 hour diner STL

24 hour Courtesy Diner

24 hour diner stl, courtesy diner

We were the only patrons for a while at the diner

In the diner

In the diner