Mornant, France!

I arrived to Mornant on a Wednesday, and on Thursday morning I had a ‘petit’ French breakfast of croissant, OJ, coffee, bread, butter, and Nutella at the hotel’s restaurant. We went for a walk around the little town and hung out a bit with all the kids at the family house. We had a really good BBQ pork chop lunch at their house before going for a walk down some of the more rural roads to see some baby pigs and some some horses.

Piglets Horse

A bit of rain started toward the end of our walk, but not too bad until we got inside. In the evening, we went to a food truck to get Chinese food for dinner, and then the 2 young men went on another airport run to pick up L & A’s aunt around midnight.

The next day we got up a bit earlier so we could go shopping in the town market that had set up shop in the town square just outside the hotel. For sale was bread, cheese, meat, clothes, fruits, veggies, soaps, spices, herbs, and more.

French Market: Cheese


French Market: More Cheese

MORE Cheeses!!

French Market: MEAT

fresh meat…

French Market: Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken Truck

French Market: Many soaps

Great smelling soaps!

French Market: Soap

Soaps again

French Market: Cured Meats French Market

French Market: HUGE POT OF FOOD


In the afternoon, a few of us went to the airport to pick up another friend of the family, Trisha. She had a short flight over from Barcelona, where she is teaching English for her 2nd year in Spain. She & I would be roommates at the hotel for the weekend.  I bought my train ticket while we were at the airport, since I would be leaving the region by train from the station next to the airport in a few days. We all hung out at the house together, and went on a short tour of a local winery before dinner and a relatively early bed because in the morning we would visit the city of Lyon!

Mornant Winery Visit

Mornant Winery Visit