Owen’s Baptism!

The reason I was invited to visit France & the reason my friends were there was for Owen’s baptism. On Sunday, it was finally baptism day and it was quite a big deal. We all dressed up for the event and headed to the church. I don’t speak French, so I couldn’t really tell you a whole lot, so just enjoy some pictures of the little guy & his family! 😀

Gathering outside the church before the service…

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In the church during the baptism:

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Owen & his family is all happy – the baptism went well! 😀

The Godfather & the Godmother giving speeches…


After the baptism, back to the hotel for the reception with delicious traditional French foods, and of course plenty of wine & cheese:


The cakes!
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(not pictured: Owen’s big bro who is off enjoying running around and playing with his older cousins)