My Story

I am originally from Chicago, in the US. I left my home city in April 2012, along with my husband, to being our new jobs teaching english in Japan. This blog is an account of our life here. It is a completely new lifestyle for us as we struggle to learn Japanese, and learn about Japanese culture first hand.

I often get asked why I came to Japan.
The short answer is that I came to teach.
I was considering studying more to become a teacher at home, but I couldn’t stand the idea of plugging more money into more school.

The long answer is that I came to try out teaching, and to escape the long stressful hours of a job I was burnt-out on, and to live in a new strange land, and also to do something crazy, something I always wanted to do, instead of spending my whole life stuck in an office while life passed me by. I knew I would regret not going.

I had visited Japan during spring 2011, and loved it immensely. So when I started hunting for teaching jobs a few months later, I zeroed in on jobs in Japan specifically. I felt a little disappointed when my first interview didn’t go so well, but luckily a few months later, I found myself with a job offer for my husband & I at the same school in Takayama, about 2.5 hours from Nagoya, in the Japanese Alps, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Quite a change from the flat topography and skyscrapers of the midwest & Chicagoland.

If you have any questions about teaching english or traveling in Japan, feel free to contact me!
You can email me at: amber [at] helloamber [.] com
I’m also available on twitter (though not only regarding Japan & teaching) if you want to connect!