Travel Notes: Shopping & Dining in Tokyo

Joe & I had a nice dinner last night at Montoak, in the heart of Harajuku, after a day of hunting down some specific stores in the tiny, winding streets & alleys there. Montoak was really cool and really nice and we enjoyed it a lot. We also found some of Joe’s favorite local stores: Original Fake and Bathing Ape (BAPE)… Bape was a bit too expensive ($300 for a zip up hoodie?!!!) though for us, and the current designs weren’t even interesting! Original Fake was possibly my favorite store ever – the inside design so awesome but they didn’t allow any photos, sadly! We saw some cool art galleries and small local boutiques tucked in alleys and winding side streets, and we spotted some incredibly small houses that looked super awesome, too. Harajuku street is more commercialized now, and the side streets with small original simple boutiques are where it’s at around here now, and we had a good time exploring the little shops with unique things for sale. We found some inspiration for some plans of our own, too.

We are now at our last hotel, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo (in Roppongi Hills… the Beverly Hills of Tokyo, maybe?), and it’s super nice… the room has all these cool gadgets. Just 3 more nights left & then we will be on our way back to Chicago. After about 2 weeks on the road, we’re not ready to leave & go back to Chicago!

This morning we had breakfast at Denny’s… it was… well, I guess it was simply a Japanese Denny’s. The breakfast menu had about 5 options all together…and they all contained a combo of rice & miso soup! We visited a few of Tokyo’s famed arcades on the first night in the city, and I won this great big stuffed Lama for Joe! 😀 We have a lot more of the city to see in the next few days, including a stop at Akihabara (electric town) and Tokyo Tower! Everything here is so small, and so many awesome shops and restaurants are tucked in everywhere imaginable… basements up to the 4th floor and more.

Here’s our stuffed animals the housekeeper set up after cleaning the room!