Travel Notes: San Francisco to Portland

So the final day in San Francisco was a quick trip by car to Fisherman’s Wharf (to catch that glimpse of Alcatraz and some sea lions of course), and because there is an In-N-Out just about 4 blocks from the Wharf! We strolled over to the wharf and then a little further to the burger joint for a scrumptious burger (hold the animal style for me). The sun was out and it was going to be another warm beautiful day in San Francisco (In January!). After INO, we hopped back in the Jeep and made a few quick stops on the way out of town. We hit up the house where the Tanner family lived during Full House, the home of the Hillard family in Mrs. Doubtfire (run-by fruiting, anyone?), and then a drive down Lombard Street, the famed ‘Crookedest Street’.

We zig-zagged our way down it and then headed for the highway out of town. (Sorry I have no pictures… I was focused on making those sharp turns!) We drove the 5 almost the whole way back to Portland, taking the bridge over the bay through Oakland and passing Sacramento along the way out of the Golden State. The drive was peaceful and scenic enough with the mountains that we aren’t used to over in the Midwest. This route took about 12 hours and we arrived back ‘home’ in Portland around 1am.

More picture from San Francisco.
More pictures from Portland.

Monday was a laundry and relax day, preparing for a Skype interview that evening, and searching for a plan for our final day in Portland.

Tuesday was our last day, and we took the nature route this day. We drove about 20 minutes away to Multnomah Falls to see a waterfall and climb up the side of a small mountain. It was a nice day though a little cloudy, and the temperature was perfect for climbing – cool but not too cold. It was a nice walk/climb, and we had some really nice scenery of the trees, river, waterfall, and boulders. That night we planned to go see a band play at the Doug Fir Lounge, but when we got there they had sold out already. We really liked visiting the Doug Fir Lounge though – it is this venue at an old motel that was renovated so it still had that old style look, but with updated and very modern lines and furniture and lighting… it was really cool! It even had a small art gallery in the lobby! After the disappointment of the sell out, we decided to go back to Jim’s apartment and hang out with him & his housemates.

Wednesday we took off for the airport and boarded our Southwest flight back from PDX to MDW.

The end!

I know, we got back a whole month ago! I will do my best to keep this better updated from here on out… we had quite a few things to do once we got home since our future plans took a major twist… more on that later though!